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2013 work conference was held ceremoniously by Qingdao Bohai Investment Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Bohai 2013-01-07

OnJanuary 7, 2013, Qingdao Bohai Investment Co., Ltd. and Qingdao BohaiConstruction Group Co., Ltd. work conference was held in Lishan internationalclub. At the meeting, General Manager Hongjun Yuan as a representative made thereport with the topic of “strategic-oriented, steady development, pragmatic,and better results.” The report conveyed the spirit of Qingjian Group Co., Ltd.Economic work conference in 2013 and the Present Du’s speech. In addition,General manager Yuan not only made a comprehensive summary of all the work ofBohai investment in 2012, but also deployed the important work in 2013.

Thereport clearly pointed that the overall development of ideas were: strategicleadership, market-oriented, priority of efficiency. At the same time thecompany would continuously adhere to rely mainly on profession whilediversification subsidiary.  The companywould also create the whole value chain of the construction industry based onthe main line of the real estate industry chain. Make compliance management,risk averse, and then concern about the contingent of cadres. Additionally,focus on the mechanism construction, and promote the information technology tointegrate the internal and external resources. Moreover, improve marketoperation innovation capacity and investment capital operation capability.  At last, the company could achieve fivesatisfaction: the satisfaction of the government, the satisfaction of peoplethe satisfaction of entrepreneur, the satisfaction of bank, and thesatisfaction of the employees.

TheGeneral Manager Xianmao Wang as the representative of Bohai construction Groupmade the report with the topic of “people-oriented, effective first, innovationand hard work”. Review the past and look forward to the future. General ManagerWang proposed that only under the guidance of strategic leadership, combinedwith the company’s own situation can make specific decoding and implementresolutely. At the same time the company could balance the current and long-term.“not only based on the leader or the boo, but the fact ” could do the work “deeplyand concretely”, as well as practice the strategy unswervingly.

Duringthe conference, the company commended some employees who made outstandingperformance in 2012.  Encourage andreward Qingdao branch, Jinan branch, Liberia Branch, Yantai branch andHigh-density branch.

Afterthe conference, the employes directed and starred a fantastic art performance. 

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