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Bohai Construction Group Co.,Ltd holds 2012 new employee informal discussion 2012-12-20

In order to not only fully understand and master the situation of the new employees' thoughts, work, learing processes during the 3 months training, but also build the good atmosphere that the company from top to bottom emphasis on talent, train talent and respect talent, the department of human resource orgainzes Bohai Construction Group Co.,Ltd holds 2012 new employee informal discussion in December 2012. Admininstrative Assistant General Manager Guansi Tao, General Accountant Meili Xu, Assistant General Manager Xiaopeng Wang, Assistant Manager of Wenxinyuan project, Xiangtao Han, and 45 new employees participate in this discussion forum.

During the discussion, the new employees report their current work and learning condition to exchange thoughts, feelings and experience. Also, many show great number of valuable suggestions to the company. At the same time, they say that they can adapt to the work quickly and make progress because of the good care from the leadership and colleagues.

General Accountant Meili Xu points that no matter what kind of work you are doing, you should be "serious and responsible", and place the security and quality to be the most important position. Assistant General Manager Xiaopeng Wang shares his experiences. He says that one should learn to work dependablely, and do the work without fickleness. Moreover, Manager Han proposes the idea that one should have good plan for work and insist to learn professional knowledge to improve self-innovation.

At last, Administrative Assistant General Manager Guansi Tao suggests that the new employees strengthen their own capability, think more, ask more and observe more. Meanwhile, the new employees should improve their own oral expression, communication, coordination, organization, and team cooperation ability. In addition, improving self  ability of independent thinking and developing personal occupation career plan can also help the new employees to achieve success.

All in all, this kind of disscussion not only provide a good platform for the new employees to communicate with each other, but also encourage them to contribute themself to the company and show their passion in their positions.

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