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  Qingdao Bohai Construction Group Co., Ltd. is derived from the core of Qingjian Construction Group Co., Ltd. which was established in 1952. In 1992, based on the eastern Qingdao development strategy and the new government and supporting projects, the brand of "92-001" came out. After finish Qingdao Fuxin Hotel, the "92-001"phase II project company was built. In 1998, the company changed the name to Qingdao century decoration Co., Ltd.. In order to make the brand of "92-001" continue, the company changed the name to Qingdao 001 decoration Co., Ltd. in April, 1999. In the September of the same year, the company was renamed as Qingdao 001 Engineering Co., Ltd.. In 2002, the company restructured to be Qingdao Construction Group of 001 Engineering Co., Ltd.. By the time of 2011, it not only was renamed as Qingdao Bohai Construction Group Co., Ltd., bu also made up Qingdao Bohai Construction Group.

Qingdao Bohai Construction Group Co., Ltd. is the first-class qualification as general contractor of housing&construction project. The scope of the company includes general contractor of housing&construction, municipal construction, real estate development, capital operation, industrial investment, decoration, building curtain wall, earthwork, ladscaping, equiment rental, labor services and design research.

Because of the great credit standing and respectability, the company is a national construction industry AAA credit enterprise, national trustworthy company, Qingdao A-level taxpayer, top then enterprises of Qingdao construction, industrial and commercial inspection company, best bank credit and A-level integrity company of labor and social security.

The company has great strength and outstanding performance. A series of projects which include Qingdao Fuxin Hotel, National conference center, Beijing TV center, Qingdao Radio&TV center, Qingdao international convention center and etc. are national, provincial, and municipal key projects and landmark projects.

Qingdao Bohai Construction Co., Ltd. always upholds the quality policy of "quality first, excellent project". In recent years, the company won multiple prizes which are 5 times of China construction engineering "Luban cup", 4 times of China civil engineering "Zhantianyou cup", 4 times of "national Quality project", once of "Shandong science and technology advancement award", 4 times of Shandong "Taishan cup", 65 times of " Completion of Great wall cup" with "structure of Great wall cup", and twice of "Qingdao science and technology advancement award".

After six decades of arduous and remarkable exploration, six decades of magnificent strive, six decades of gloomy changes, and six decades of long and tortuous way, the company has made great achievement and cast the glorious achievement of the modern enterprise system and written a brilliant symphonic poem.

Qingdao Bohai construction Group Co., Ltd. will continually not only treat "build development platform, create harmonious space" as its mission, but adhere to the core value of "The good faith is professional, create excellence, win-win cooperation, harmonious development" to become a brilliant enterprise with shareholders satisfaction, employees proud and social respect.


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